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Testimonials from past NEBOSH Students

    Testimonials Testimonials

Making the right choice is important, and a recommendation from someone who has recently sat the course is going to be very useful in deciding which course is best for you.


Oracle Safety Associates health and safety training courses are exceptionally highly rated by attendees. All participants are asked for feedback at the end of the course. The recent testimonials below come from range of persons from all over the world who have participated in our health and safety training.

I wanted to let you know that the implementation of the General Work Permit and Isolation policy and programs has started and while there is some resistance to the change, the majority recognize that it is a move to a better and safer work environment. So definitely a move in the right direction. Thank you for all of your time, input, direction (and probably patience) in getting us started.

I wanted to send you a quick note letting you know that the LOTO program that you helped us develop passed OSHA.

Anyway, we had an OSHA inspection last week and the Safety Inspector reviewed the program. She even took the forms with her to review one evening. End result is that she liked the General Work Permit and especially the Take 2. Really impressed with the Take 2. She had some suggestions for line items to add because of our PSM program which will be incorporated into the next revision. Just wanted to say thank you!

Scott - HSE Manager - Hutchinson, Minnesota, USA - April 2021

Thank you very much for the training, I know that things I have learnt will make a lasting impact on how I see things in the workplace and the rest of the world. Already when I'm out and about for my walks in the village I am seeing things relating to what we have learnt that are not very safe etc. or just general observations noting the training - I imagine you must see the world in so many colours of health and safety!

Abby - NEBOSH National General Certificate - April 2021

Once again, thank you for delivering such an interesting and enjoyable course, it has helped me look more broadly at the workplace environment and really developed my interest in health and safety. I hope to continue learning about H&S with potentially more NEBOSH courses in the future! 

Matt - NEBOSH National General Certificate - April 2021

Many thanks Phil, Enjoyed the course yesterday, very thought provoking, and lots of improvement ideas running round my head now!


I liked the format of the course and although challenging on a virtual platform, the use of videos, and photos kept it alive, along with the interesting topics presented


Thank you!!

Paul - Executive at Weetabix - IOSH Safety Awareness for Executives Training - April 2021

I enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it. I like the way you use insights to make people think.  

Peter - Executive at Weetabix - IOSH Safety Awareness for Executives Training - April 2021

Thanks again for such an informative and interesting course last week. I thought you did brilliantly with the limitations of Zoom, it worked really well.

Lynn - Executive at Weetabix - IOSH Safety Awareness for Executives Training - April 2021

Thank you for your time last week. I found the course of benefit and was delivered very well considering the needs for Zoom etc.

Richard - Executive at Weetabix - IOSH Safety Awareness for Executives Training - April 2021

Many thanks for delivering an engaging course, very difficult to do on line with such a subject!

Mark - Executive at Weetabix - IOSH Safety Awareness for Executives Training - April 2021

Having not been in a proper classroom setting for 20 years plus, the NEBOSH course Phil delivered was daunting.


However, there was no need to be concerned as Phil delivered the content well and with confidence backed up by years of experience


I enjoyed it - good to use the brain thoroughly again.

Anthony Osborne. SHE & Quality Manager, Wincanton, July 2020

I would highly recommend any training provided by Phil and his colleagues.


I recently passed my NEBOSH through a course ran by Phil. I was nervous to say the least as I had heard all the horror stories of how difficult this course was to pass and sitting down for the training provided by Phil was a privilege as each module was explained clearly and covered to great extend through the knowledge he has which made it easy to understand, the course material provided also simplified lots of the modules and I was extremely impressed with the professionalism shown through out the course.


On a pleasing note the entire group also passed which is an achievement in itself.I have completed various courses through my working career and this was one of the best.


My career and knowledge has advanced through this which I’m extremely pleased for and will definitely be using Phil and his team again in the future.

Jamie Hoole, Transport Operations Manager, Wincanton, July 2020

I undertook a Nebosh certificate with Phil in early 2020, and would recommend him to anyone wanting H&S training or to utilise him for advice and support.His experience and knowledge is second to none.

He conducts his classes in relaxed manner but his style ensures that candidates are absorbing the information required.

I would use Phil for further training I require.

Michael Williams FCILT, Transport and Logistics Consultant, July 2020

Phil was my tutor for my NEBOSH general certificate and As someone that’s not a fan of written exams and was worried about my NEBOSH course Phil kept it simple and ensured I was ready for the exams.


Phil’s knowledge and experience is an asset when he delivers his training and was very helpful. Couldn’t recommend Phil enough as a tutor.

SHE and Facilities Manager, Wincanton, July 2020

I got to know Phil over the course of the 2 week Nebosh course. Superb delivery of course material with a great mix of personal experience which opened my eyes to many different aspects of H&S and I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking of going for this qualification to engage with Phil and get it done! 

Phil clearly adapts to, and understands, people’s strengths and weaknesses to ensure that all feel comfortable in the classroom which I believe to be an immeasurable quality.
Chris Taffs, SHEQ Auditor, Wincanton July 2020.

To further my health & safety career I decided to undergo my NEBOSH General Certificate with Phil. Douglas.

The course was interesting to follow and the way Phil trains is highly recommended. At first it was daunting, a lot of information to consider during the 2 week course, but Phil created a relaxing training environment and a homework question set for revision, this was the key to revising each day and remembering! The revision kit was easy to understand and anything I was unsure of I spoke to Phil who explained it in a different way until I understood. I would highly Recommend this course to everybody, not just to people who want a safety career. I believe the more people who attend Phil's NEBOSH course the more they will understand the reasoning and importance to why health and safety is everybody’s responsibility. I would like to say a massive thank you to Phil for training me and getting me through the course!

I look forward to attending more of the training courses from Oracle Safety Associates Limited, I’m sure we shall meet soon enough. All - Get booking! Don’t waste anymore time

Gina Springett, SHE Advisor, Procter & Gamble, July 2020

Choosing the correct provider for a professional course is perhaps the most important step you can take.

Oracle Safety Associates through Phil, will get you through the heavy course modules to the final examination.
Phil has the ability to combine and pass on the required information with practical examples drawn from his personal experience as well as imparting exam technique.
His teaching techniques, whilst focussed on placing you in a position to pass also provide a valuable insight in to the many challenges a career in HSSEQ may provide.
The venue is an excellent relaxed environment conducive to learning and the catering is of a high standard. I recommend staying close by to allow additional self-study time during the course.
I would not hesitate to recommend Oracle Safety Associates or Phil who provide both a supportive and knowledgeable learning environment to put you in the best position to pass the difficult NEBOSH exams.
Andrew Martin, Rumaylia Oilfield, Iraq July 2017

After searching for a training provider and speaking with many Companies about completing the NEBOSH General Certificate I came across Phil and the team at Oracle Safety Associates Ltd. 

During our first conversations Phil and the team showed that they had a good depth of knowledge and understanding of the subject matter and the requirements needed to achieve the qualification. After being in correspondence with some larger Training Organisations their levels of commitment to the delegate were just not as apparent. 
After signing up I received some pre course light reading which proved to be excellent preparation of what was to come. During the course Phil made the class feel comfortable and at ease, relaxed and able to ask questions at any time. He stressed the high levels of intensity and amount of class room work and homework required to achieve the qualification and encouraged the class at all times to speak NEBOSH language which at first is strange but very helpful in the examination. 
NEBOSH qualifications require significant workload to be undertaken to achieve but Phil's quirky style of teaching makes it easier to learn and retain new information adapting his style to suit  the different learning styles in the class. The training day is broken up with injections of humour and specific and relevant video clips throughout allowing the class time to assess the implications and consequences of HS failures whilst giving us pertinent reminders of Health and Safety guidelines and Law. 
A tough but enjoyable course made easier by Phil's style and the learning environment. Various training aids were used and homework questions to practice were handy and helpful. Plenty of refreshments all day and a hot meal included.  
My thanks to Phil and all those at Safety Associates Ltd.
Eddie Burgesson. CPN Construction Ltd.  
Eddie Burgesson, CPN Construction Ltd, July 2017

We undertook our NEBOSH training with Oracle Safety, having taken the time to identify the top NEBOSH training providers in the country before making our choice.

Our experience of the course and tutor was first rate, Phil is an excellent tutor who makes learning both interesting and fun.
The training location was excellent and provided the perfect location to focus on gaining our NEBOSH qualifications.
The training given over these weeks has been paramount in the development of the safety procedures used in our operation, which we use every day to demonstrate our commitment to H&S best practice to our clients.
Thank you Phil!
Chris Marshall, Director of Flight Operations, Airborne Platforms UK Ltd, July 2017

Just a line to say how well your course (Fire Risk Assessment) went. It was delivered in plain English, the supporting literature was excellent and the delivery was at a comfortable pace considering the amount of work we got through. I would also like to thank you for making a 'dry' subject enjoyable.


The venue was excellent, and the location well placed for easy access to local accommodation. I would recommend studying with Oracle, they are good value and professional.
Paul Baker, Head of Property Services NHS Cornwall: December 2016
Having sat NGC1,GC2 and FC1 and FC2 - From the initial telephone call right through to the final examination, Phil’s NEBOSH courses are second to none both in terms of value for money and course structure.  
As a tutor, Phil delivers the courses in a way that is easy to follow and keep a track of as well as incorporating important revision time and frequent opportunities to ask questions. No candidate is ever “left behind” as far as learning the syllabus is concerned and regardless of academic ability and employment background, Phil always makes sure each person on a course is happy and able to understand each unit. 
Clearly held in high regard as a health and safety practitioner / consultant,  it is easy to see why Phil is at the top of his game, making Oracle Safety Associates the natural first choice in seeking to obtain NEBOSH qualifications/accreditation. 
Karl Brown, Director, Blackheath Tyres Ltd: November 2016

“Can’t thank Oracle Training Associates enough - I have now gained my NEBOSH Fire and Risk Management qualification, and am delighted ! 

Phil is a brilliant facilitator and has a calm, down to earth approach and is very supportive to all; thanks to this, the whole group was encouraged and bonded well over the week long FC1 fire unit. The shared experiences added to the depth and breadth of the subject.
Phil speaks plain English and doesn’t try to blind you with science – a practical approach to a technical subject, easy to digest and oddly enough, enjoyable..”
“Thank you Phil, and Oracle Training Associates…”
Amanda Day,Estates & Facilities Officer, NHS Arden: November 2016

Right from the start of my NGC I knew that this is the career I wanted and being on this course with Phil just confirmed it....I passed with a credit and immediately booked up my NEBOSH Fire certificate, which I also passed with a credit.


Phils' unique style of teaching really made a difference.

The work is hard but the sessions are relatively informal with conversation between delegates encouraged. You learn so much about other industries from peoples experiences.
Hearing about Phils' career and experiences made me determined to go out and make my own career as varied as his. 
As I said to him on the last day, 'if I can have half the success he has then I will be very very happy'
Tory Walker, Health & Safety Professional, Syngenta: November 2016

Just like to say a big Thank you to Phil for helping me with my study of NGC 1 2 and 3 and, being patient with my endless questioning.

I can recommend Oracle as they are efficient, inexpensive (in comparison) and always there to help you. A+
Carol Wheatley, Business Manager, CAB Training: November 2016
As a Managing Director of a fire safety company for 15 years and a being in the  fire industry for the past 33 years the majority of our training was by way of British Standards in London.  We were looking for a NEBOSH course provider in Health & Safety and Fire Safety to provide training and examination to the NEBOSH syllabus.
We were recommended to Oracle Safety by a collegue and  undertook both courses at the Holmewood Hall venue with Mr. Phil Douglas as the course trainer.  The  course content was excellent, very informative, with great content with a good amount of visual description.
Phil's vast experience from the mining industry really shines through in his knowledge of real life  health and safety and fire knowledge, with experience that you just cannot fully learn from a book.  This coupled with the excellent NEBOSH study and reference materials make  the difference between a good course and a great course.
Make no mistake the NEBOSH course is not awarded without hard work and  a significant amount of homestudy, this again is expertly directed by Phil in his homestudy questions of the course covered content.
I would not hesitate to recommend Oracle Safety as an excellent Health and Safety and Fire NEBOSH course provider as well as an experienced time served Consultant.
Stan Metcalfe, Managing Director, Rose Fire & Security Limited: November 2016

I enrolled on the Nebosh general certificate course with oracle safety associates in November 2013. Prior to commencing  on this  course I did not know anything about health and safety, however after two weeks of  excellent and outstanding teaching and coaching by PHIL  I was conversant with the principles of H&S and associated legislation and its application in various settings.


I found the learning aids and examples provided as well as the homework very engaging and helpful in my grasping of the subject. Phil went above and beyond to assist with extra study material and pieces of legislation to ensure my learning experience was as close as possible to mirroring a health and safety practitioner.


One tip I have is, if you Follow Phil’s approach to learning and work hard on your homework you will definitely pass because I passed with Distinction.


The venue is second to none and the food is excellent. I went back in March 2015 for the fire certificate and I passed with credit.


I can safely AWARD 10/10 to oracle safety associates for health and safety training.

Simon Nzara: Healthcare Professional, 2013/2015: November 2016

Probably one of the best learning environments I have been in…


The NEBOSH Fire course was relaxed but pitched at exactly the right level which aided in gaining a good understanding of the subject. The input from all the other students was invaluable and the discussions encouraged by Phil went a long way to furthering my knowledge.
The way Phil hosts and teaches the course uses his experiences and draws information which I found to be superb rather than heads down and reading a book verbatim. Thank you Phil my new found knowledge has already been put to good use.
Nik Smith, Health & Safety Officer, Gressingham Foods: November 2016

Phil, having now completed my Nebosh fire certificate along with the NGC 1-3 exams, I cannot thank you enough for all your help in getting me through and certified by having an interesting and very informative method of teaching along with good humour that has all the students on the course discussing answers to different topics making sure that everyone understands what they need to know before moving on and all delivered in great style. 

This approach made learning much easier and I have come away feeling so much more confident in my job role since being on your course so would I recommend your courses, very much so as I said before I cannot thank you enough.
David Benton, AP JNP Night Field Fire Engineer, Transport for London: November 2016

I’ve recently completed the Nebosh Fire Certificate with Phil having passed my Nebosh National General Certificate earlier in the year.  I can say that I found Phil’s course to be interesting, informative and most importantly up to date with the current Nebosh Syllabus.  


I would not hesitate to recommend Oracle Safety Associates Ltd to colleagues or friends.

Simon Haywood, Facilities Engineer, Matsuura Machinery Ltd: November 2016
As a repeat customer for many years now, I would like to take this opportunity to say Oracle's course delivery remains at a very high standard!
I would like to personally thank Phil for delivering the course with detailed explanatory accounts for each chapter, they are evidently tailored to many different learning styles.  The learning aids such as analogies, videos, slides  and acronyms also helped me with information retention, especially when it was delivered with a good sense of humor.
Would I recommend your services, absolutely!
Could you also pass on my thanks to your course administration manager, Theresa, she has excellent customer service skills and many thanks to the team at Holmewood hall, the team and the food are excellent!
Adam Banbury, Facilities Management Professional MBIFM: November 2016

Thanks Phil, I am also surprised that I have managed to pass this without re-sit as the English is not my first language. 

But thanks to you. You did your job great if I managed to understand what to lookout for and what to learn. 
You are good teacher and also your entertaining is doing good. When you are relaxed and not scared that this is too difficult you understand more and learn more quicker. 
Tomasz Stachowicz, Fire Safety Professional, Transport for London: November 2016

Hi Phil, just a belated thanks from myself. 

Really enjoyed the course, got my qualification and already had some interest from various sources.
Great way of learning especially with your industry experience input re scenarios etc, makes it so much easier to relate.
Mark Orton, Facilities Management Professional: March 2016

Hi Phil, Firstly thanks for the course. In a strange way I really enjoyed it: your teaching, fellow students and the location and even the hard slog of such a heavy workload. 

I wanted to do this course to get an in depth training in the subject of fire risk assessment so that I would have the knowledge to check whether the company's FRA was adequate. You certainly gave me the ability to do that as well as pass the exam. In fact I would love to do some further work in this area and I will be attempting to persuade the company to let me take the final part of the certificate. 
I didn't expect the exam to be as easy as it was, in that I thought there would be some new questions which I would struggle with, but as it was, I had a good attempt at all of them and hopefully got enough right answers to pass. I don't think we could have had any easier paper, but I realise that this was mainly because you had prepared us so well. So thanks again.
John Ball, Fire Safety Professional, April 2016

Hi Phil, Just wanted to thank you and also say how much I enjoyed doing the NEBOSH; it was brilliant! I really enjoyed myself. 

Currently working my way through GC3, and I was just wondering if I could reserve and pay for a place on the fire course in March if there are still spaces please? 
Many thanks again Phil! And the woodpecker tip sheet is not lost on me haha! I’ll be spreading the word of the green bird.
Hannah Timkey, Royal Navy: February 2016

Hi Phil, Thank you very much for the letter. Once again to let you know, I really enjoyed the course. Now looking forward to the fire risk assessment practical.

Thanks for offering to help me with some extra advice etc, that’s much appreciated! I’ll no doubt have one or two things crop up, where your expert advice will help very much.
Colin Mark, Tech IOSH RMaPS, Safe Mark Services: September 2016

I would like to thank you for the last three weeks. I have learnt a great deal and feel prepared to tackle my future projects using the knowledge you have imparted.

I would like to provide testimonials for both of your courses as truly I found the documented content and delivery better than any other course I have been on. 
Chris Marshall, Health & Safety Professional: August 2016

Dear Phil, Thank you for all of your help, I found the course thoroughly enjoyable and very useful for my work. 

Cather Daniel, Building Management, Transport for London: August 2016

It was great to meet you. I had a great experience in Europe. 

I appreciate the time you took to conduct the NEBOSH International General Certificate training course for our group. 
There was a lot of good dialogue and very good training information presented.  
Brandon Hayes, Safety Coordinator, Alltech Kentucky USA: July 2016

Hi Phil, A testimonial for you (and the green woodpecker?). Having sat through various health and safety courses in my career, I can certainly say that this was the most informative that I have attended. 

Phil was able to draw on his vast experience and knowledge of the industry, to make the learning experience enjoyable, and relative to the work place. (and sometimes very graphic) 
I can thoroughly recommend Oracle Safety Associates and Phil as an excellent course provider, he really does brighten up, what a lot of people consider a bland subject.
Andrew Markham, Resource Manager, Pentaxia Ltd: May 2016

I just wanted to say a big thank you for getting me through NEBOSH National General Certificate. 

I'm dead chuffed at my result :-)
Fiona Wilson, Operational Accommodation Manager, Transport for London: November 2016

The results are in and I am so pleased and relieved to have passed! I was quite nervous having not done an exam in 14 years! 

I really enjoyed the course and the knowledge is beneficial in my current role. Testament to a good teacher!
Jennifer Corr, Environmental Health Officer: November 2016

The Hall is an excellent venue - good sized and quiet rooms; with the grounds allowing fresh air and somewhere to stretch your legs in peaceful surroundings. 

As you well know the food is top rate and can't be faulted on choice or quality. The text book is fine (and I believe pretty much the standard), covering the syllabus and providing useful reference.
Your presentation was well thought out and focused. I enjoyed the humorous slides/video - injecting some lightheartedness into an otherwise serious subject.
The homework is perfect. Entirely relevant and it's value cannot be overstated in preparing candidates for the exam(s).
Overall I found the course very intense (to be expected) and extremely focused. The pace was pretty galloping but well worth it to enable the revision day/past papers on the Thursday. 
Class size was ideal - any more and I think there would be a risk of getting bogged down by individual queries.
I realise you will have heard all this before but feel I should let you know that in my eyes you have it pretty well nailed. Although it is too intense a course to be enjoyed at the time, 
I believe you provide everything required to enable candidates to pass the exam and go on to apply the knowledge gained (here's hoping my results reflect that).
Everyone has their own ideas about training, but I think you know you have a winning formula and are justified in sticking to it.
Andrew Metcalfe, Fire Safety Professional, November 2016

Once again I have to say that although it was an intense two weeks. It was very well conducted and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

James Clarke, Venue Manager, O2 Arena London: June 2016

Thank you again for your all the effort and knowledge that goes in to producing such an enjoyable course!

Daniel Roach, Property Inspector, GVA Facilities Management: November 2016

I would just Like to thank you for the course, it has opened my eyes in many different areas and will be of use for many years to come. 

It has helped me to recognise problems that exist and helps me to prevent them from happening in the first place. 
So whatever the outcome of the results, I'm sure what you have taught us, will stick in my head for a long time to come and more importantly where to find the information required.
Once again thank you, it was a lovely location and the food was excellent.
Richard Dawes, Fire Safety Professional, Barton Petroleum Limited: November 2016

Phil, Thanks for putting on a super course which I thoroughly enjoyed, pity it was so close to me going on holiday to give it my fullest attention, especially FC1 as my concentration just went into holiday mode.  

I have attended several similar course and few can compare with the level of detail/information that you include in the notes, especially the revision aspect, hence the high pass rate of the course.  
I rate the experience highly wouldn't hesitate to recommend the course to anyone.
Oswald Thomas, Fire Safety Professional: November 2016

Hello Phil, I would just like to thank you most sincerely for the recent FC1 & 2 course I attended with Oracle Safety Associates Ltd.

The course was well presented, knowledgeable but maybe most importantly presented in a relaxed manner which makes the learning process so much easier!
I found I was able to answer all the questions in the exam with complete confidence.
Thank you once again.
Mark Southgate, Fire Safety Professional: November 2016

Hi Phil, Many thanks for all your hard work in helping us to achive our goals. Coming from a non H&S background I found your course a great inspiration to the industry and made me look at things in new ways. 

I was in the past very eager on health and safety practices, but now having the knowledge helps me to gain that extra step in my chosen area.
I found your teaching methods to be A++. And your material excellent, well structured with great homework, excellent value for money. 
In future I will recommend you to my friends and colleague as an excellent place to go for all NEBOSH courses. Your knowledge, well exceptional!
The venue was excellent and food brilliant. Its the best place to study as well as do exams. Hats off to your invigilator. 
Indu Gamage, Facilities Management Professional: November 2016

Hi Phil, I would just like to say 'what a great course'! I am an advanced instructor myself and thought the instruction and general conduct of the course was excellent. I will have no problem with pointing future NEBOSH friends in your direction. 

I also felt both exams were fair and you hit the nail on the head with your homework books. I found it surprisingly easy and have great confidence in a pass at least!! You have my back to back next, (John Sharp) I know for a fact he is going to the right instructor!!
Many thanks again Phil and I will keep in touch.
Clive Hammond, Offshore Safety Professional, November 2016

Philip, Firstly I would like to show my appreciation & say that last week’s course was thoroughly enjoyable & I thought that your delivery of the course was spot on!

The venue, food & settings were superb & really helped in focussing on the course. 
It was an intense week but a good environment in which to learn & further knowledge.
Thanks for all the help & documentation provided if you’re down in London & are free for a beer then give me shout mate! Many thanks!
Danny Foster, HSE Advisor Michael J Lonsdale Group: November 2016

I was a firefighter for 20 years and still learned an incredible amount on this course.  I searched for the most successful pass rate NEBOSH instructor and here he is. The course was intense but Phil’s methods of instruction accommodated us all and this course covered a lot.  His experience in the field through previous employment was a useful addition.

The course was well worth the money and I will be back for more. Thanks Phil 
Charles A E Morgan, Director, Fire Consulting: November 2016

I really enjoyed the course, thank you. The best thing would be for me, that I passed it!!!

The venue was perfect. I am happy with everything.
Yekaterina Chick, HSE Compliance Officer, KnowHow/Currys/PC World: November 2016

Having previously undertaken my NGC in Occupational Health and Safety with Oracle Safety under the expert tuition and guidance of Phil Douglas when it came round to taking my Nebosh Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management it was a "no brainer" to return to Oracle Safety. 

As pre the previous course it was set at a pace that was comfortable for all, in a relaxed environment where everyone felt able to participate and ask questions. 
Phil has the ability to teach his classes without preaching and with appreciation that some candidates may be stronger in some areas than others. 
He also sets homework which albeit time consuming is a must to ensure the lessons of the day are learned and impregnated for future use. 
Would not hesitate to recommend anyone who is thinking of doing any NEBOSH Courses to use Phil / Oracle Safety Associates Ltd
Mr David Bull, Claims Inspector, Zurich Insurance Group Ltd: November 2016

I have attended many courses during my working career. A host of challenges and differing styles of teaching have been experienced during this time. I have to say Phil’s knowledge of the subject and methodology in delivering it is second to none. I have no reservation recommending Phil. 

The props and material used for training aid is exceptional and certainly makes the subject of Health & safety a very enjoyable experience.
The venue is also very appropriate as a relaxing environment.  Thank you very much.
Mick Stamp, Group H&S Manager Arena Racing: November 2016
Having a strong commitment to health and safety has been a prerequisite of my previous. So I made the decision to enhance my safety knowledge by taking the Nebosh General Certificate. Former colleagues who had taken the NGC and all commented that it had been quite an intense course, they were not wrong!  
I have attended many courses over the last 30 years but I don’t remember feeling more apprehensive than I did about this one.  However I remained undeterred and after some research I booked the course with Oracle Safety Associates Ltd.
After I first spoke with Phil I felt confident that I had made the right choice, which is particularly comforting when you’re the one paying the bill. Phil is a man at the top of his game and Oracle is a very apt word when describing his health and safety knowledge. After completing the NGC course I booked the Nebosh Fire Certificate with Phil and am now the proud holder of both certificates. 
As part of the course we were given the famed and very useful ‘Phil’s Tips’, well here’s ‘Mick’s Tip’ - take advantage of the local accommodation. There is quite a lot of homework so you need to avoid any outside distractions.  General comments are:
Phil’s Tips - Very useful however be a little overwhelming at times e.g. distributed a lot in one go therefore it can be easy to lose track.
NEBOSH text book - Very good addition to course materials
Presentation materials - Over all very good
Food and refreshments - The course cost and value for money was very good when benchmarked against other providers.
Start and finish times - Very good
Holmewood Hall - A lovely location and hot food!
Homework questions - A necessity :o)
Invigilation and examination day - Very professional
Mick Kersey, Tech IOSH, AMIFPO, AET: May 2016

Hi Phil, Many thanks for your time, effort and support in guiding me/us through the recent Nebosh courses.

In terms of Feedback, there is very little to say other than, it was all one could ask for in a course. The mix of easy banter coupled with the back-up videos and course content made it very interesting and a great way to learn. It was certainly a game changer for me in the way it was approached.
In terms of the bullet points:
The course overall - Very interesting and informative, giving a huge window of insight, to looking at health, safety and welfare in the workplace, with a practicable eye for identification of the potential uncontrolled risks, their likely physical/mental consequences and legal ramifications. 
Text book - Both for FC1 and NG1 and GC2 well written and informative and an excellent point of reference for the future.
Presentation materials - Excellent……good written content with a mix of videos demonstrating humour and shock at fatalities and those injured. 
Start and finish times - Flexible and workable for all.
Homework - A pain in the butt after a day on the same subject. However it seems to be the way to achieve a result considering the examples of past papers and the work content gone into providing this format.
Examination day experience - It was made as stress free as possible for all participants, with good communication on exam rules and expectations.
Mick Buckley Integrated Stations Programme (ISP) - Transport for London: February 2016

I achieved credits in both the general certificate and the fire safety certificate.

For me, the two key reasons that I passed were:  Phil’s terrific subject knowledge and how he ensured that we were prepared for the exam.
Every eventuality was covered and I didn’t get any nasty surprises in the examination room. 
I would be lying if I said that I found it easy because I worked really hard, but I would say that if you are willing to apply yourself properly, Phil and his teaching methods will get you through.
I would add that it’s not all slogging away.  Phil makes the course fun to be at. There are films to watch and interesting anecdotes from his time working in various H&S roles that give context and “make it real”. I enjoyed it.
I have now got myself a job doing fire risk assessments on commercial properties and have adopted many of Phil’s ideas which I use on a daily basis.
Lloyd Fulker - London Underground Fire Safety Team: June 2015

 “A very well run NEBOSH Fire Certificate course which covers the basics and gives a good grounding for moving on to other things.  


Phil is very knowledgeable and has an easy presentation style, giving good examples from a variety of disciplines to illustrate his points.  


The course can be quite intensive for beginners but so long as you do your homework, you cant go wrong. Interaction within the classroom is encouraged, so all can benefit from the experience of others.  


The location of the course is excellent, conducive to learning and gives opportunities for quiet reflection when required.  I would use Oracle again”

Diane Kettleborough - Safety Manager, NHS Property Services Ltd: September 2016

The course was great thanks, very professional the tips and homework was very useful. I don't have any negative points. I've completed around £25,000 worth of courses over the last couple of years and I can say you’re definitely one of the best. Also engaging with class was a strong point, and knowing your subject.


I will be recommending my friends that I know who want to do the course to get in touch with yourself. At some point I will be doing the fire, oil and gas, and the diploma I'll be in touch to hopefully arrange that with you. 

Anthony Abbott - Appointed Person, Lifting Supervisor: February 2014
I would like to say a big thank you to Phil Douglas, for helping me gain the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety.
Phil is a great tutor with all the patience in the world. He made the NEBOSH course enjoyable and easier to understand, simplifying  the most daunting of subjects!  Phil is always willing to listen to questions and makes what may be complicated to some, more understandable.
Phil's training location is great for learning too! Oracle Safety Associates are a fantastic company for training and I will be using them again soon.
Phil and Oracle are my top recommendation!  Thanks again. Lee Lowery
Lee Lowery - Lowery Piping Services: November 27 2013

Having not studied for nearly 30 years I was a little apprehensive when I self funded my NGC.

From day one I knew I was in safe hands. The venue and Phil were both excellent.
In fact after finishing my NGC I was so confident in Phil's teaching style that I signed up for the NEBOSH Fire Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Managment, which started two weeks later.
I'm happy to say that I passed both courses and now I'm enrolled on the NEBOSH Diploma course. Not bad for someone who had no qualifications or a background in safety!
I would highly recommend Oracle Safety to anyone.
Joseph Crawley - Tech IOSH AIIRSM AFireE: November 25 2013

I was apprehensive about the content of NEBOSH and if I’m honest I had been avoiding the course for two years until I couldn’t hide any longer.  I arrived on the Monday thinking “oh gosh two weeks of health and safety, how will I cope” but then the trainer introduced himself to us and suddenly I felt better because he had come from industry so knew what he was talking about. 

I was so grateful to Phil, not just for myself but the whole group who were experiencing similar feelings of panic and information overload but Phil was great, the length of the course, the timings and the homework were really well tailored for us and his style of delivery was relaxed, informative and I never once felt stupid when asking questions. I am so pleased I passed the course!
Thanks to Oracle Safety and more importantly Phil Douglas for the NEBOSH course and refuelling my interest in health and safety…. No mean feat I can tell you.
Victoria Welby - Manager: - The NEC Group - November 12 2013

“Many of us walked into that room with fear, some of us not having any experience and having seen the size of the text book we were issued! But after the first class we realised we were in good hands! Phil Douglas gets the information across to you in a manner that makes sense, is interesting, you genuinely feel you've learned and understood the work, and the classes were fun!  . . . I know I’ve passed my exams . . . no doubt about that!”

Christian Ceccarelli - H&S Manager: - Ravensthorpe Construction Ltd - October 08 2013

I have recently attended a course with Oracle Safety, the NEBOSH General Certificate in Health and Safety, and have come away from the course buzzing! I have always been told that Health and Safety can be a rather dry subject to learn and be rather intense.


What I found, training with Oracle, could not be further from the truth. Phil Douglas is clearly an expert in his field and understands how to get the message across in a clear and concise way, breaking the lessons up with real life "at the coalface" anecdotes and stories. 


His use of aids, discussion and examples means that you can quickly absorb what you need to know.  


The venue, at Holmewood Hall,  is fantastic and really does aid the learning atmosphere.


I am confident that my experience with Oracle has provided me with the right tools not only to gain my NEBOSH certification but ensure I can go back to my workplace and implement what I have learnt. I cannot recommend Oracle highly enough.....I am already booked on my next course. 

Phil Halford - Offshore EOD Project Manager: - NEBOSH Student - October 03 2013

Just finished my NEBOSH General Certificate with Oracle Safety Associates, Phil Douglas. I was absolutely astounded by the level of knowledge that Phil possessed. Articulate, concise and extremely informative throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the course and would highly recommend it.  

Darren Favell - Personal Fitness Professional - NEBOSH Student - October 03 2013

A quick email regarding my experience on the Oracle Safety NEBOSH National General Certificate course:

Upon booking the course and speaking with friends who had been on similar courses, with other course providers, the general feel was that the course was not going to be easy.
On the first day of the course it was such a relief to have Philip Douglas teaching the course, his presentation, thoroughness, preparation and execution of the course material was excellent, with a natural ability to connect with all technical levels of student, in a way that was easy to understand. 
The hand outs and relevant course material were pivotal in understanding and committing to memory what was needed for the exam. The use of funny video Health and Safety clips brought a laugh to the class, which was a welcome break from the reality of Health and Safety work, whilst maintaining the serious essence of the course.
In conclusion I would like to thank you for all your help on your course and maybe just as importantly after the course, helping with any technical questions on real life situations I had since found myself in. I have never felt out of my depth and always assured there was someone to call if needed.
Finally, I would recommend anyone who is contemplating taking a NEBOSH or Health and Safety course to take it with Philip at Oracle Safety, my experience was excellent.
Ahh, a small note about the venue, the grounds are very well presented in a stately home setting. One down side, the food, especially the deserts are that nice I put on a pound in weight within two weeks! I could have said no I guess…! :-)
Paul Cartwright - Electrical Manager: RF Blount and Sons Ltd - NEBOSH Student - Sept 29 2013

I found the course very informative and learnt a great deal.

The lessons were taught in a clean and user friendly environment.
The instructor has an encyclopedic knowledge of health and safety culture, there was not a question he could not answer. Very impressive.
Barrie Gorham: Air diver/supervisor/inspector - British Army- NEBOSH Student - August 2nd 2013

This is just a message of thanks to Phil and the team for the NEBOSH training given this has lead to career development and now I have landed a new role in New Zealand as a Health and Safety Adviser.


Cheers guys for all the support, assistance, guideance and of course the training. Paul Lee - NZ here I come.

Paul Lee: Safety Manager at Middle Level Commissioners - NEBOSH Student - August 1st 2013
I attended Oracle Safety's NEBOSH General Certificate in November 2012. Due to the reviews I had already read about Phils course, I traveled a long distance from home and booked into the Premier Inn to attend, despite NEBOSH course being offered locally to me.
On arrival of the course Phil immediately ensured the the group, who you were going to spend the next two weeks with, were comfortable, well introduced and all nerves eliminated. NEBOSH General Certificate is a very intense course which at first glance of the information that I had to take in over the next two weeks I was negative but as our trainer and now friend, Phil lifted all our burdens of the course due his fantastic experience and knowledge of the industry. The course was made fun and tailored to all the pupils requirements.
No question was left unanswered or misunderstood. I am confident that the courses fantastic results were due to the brilliance of the course environment, work schedule layout and class interaction, all thanks to Phil Douglas. 
Daisy-Mercedes, Themed Structures Inc. Longleat Safari Park - NEBOSH NGC Student - July 18th 2013
I found the course to be excellent in its content. And the way you set it out , giving us all a good chance of a high pass mark.


How you managed to keep the whole class interested for the two weeks is testimony to your providing a good informative course with feedback, discussion and often a fun approach, which made even some of the less interesting topics easier to study.

John Brocklebank, Binks Building Services Limited - NEBOSH NGC Student - July 3rd 2013

I was very nervous about signing up for the NEBOSH Fire Certificate where the course would start on Monday and I would sit the exam Friday morning, having completed my general certificate on day release several years earlier.  I rang Phil and explained how I felt; he took the time to put my mind at ease and made me believe I could do it, so I signed up. 

From the outset the course flowed easily, with plenty of variety in the teaching methods used.  There is a lot to take in, but Phil is knowledgeable and is a good teacher, so I found myself taking in more than I thought I would.  The group got on well and a lot of experience between us which helped with discussions etc.   
The venue was beautiful too and so peaceful I am sure it helped us.  As for the food, well it was superb and definitely kept the brain functioning well.  All this must have paid off I have come away with the distinction that I hoped for.  The course was extremely good value for money and if Phil ever thinks of teaching the Diploma then I would love to be on the course.  
Thank you Phil.
Debbie Leslie, Health & Safety Officer, Sussex Downs College - NEBOSH Fire Student - June 28th 2013
Just a quick note to say a belated thank you for all your assistance on the NEBOSH General course. There is no doubt whatsoever that your technical input and excellent instructional ability was a contributory factor to my Distinction award.
I would have no hesitation recommending you in the future to any of my colleagues in the military.
Capt M J Stewart RE, Diving Standards Inspector (Army) - NEBOSH NGC Student - June 1st 2013
The Training experience from Oracle Safety Associates was first class, from the course content and trainer right down to the facilities and location. I have never been so prepared going into examination.
Paul Coleby, Grad IOSH: Safety Controller Npower - NEBOSH Fire Student - May 24th 2013

The Defence Diving Standards team is employed by the MOD to regulate and provide assurance to the 2nd PUS that military diving is conducted safely and in accordance with the HSE Diving at work Regulations 1997.

Over the last 2 years Oracle Safety Associates Ltd have provided NEBOSH Health and Safety training to nine members of the team, with a further three attending training in February 2013.  The quality of this training has been outstanding, which has been supported by 100% pass rate with the majority of students gaining a pass at distinction.
Major Nick Deppe: Fleet Diving Headquarters - NEBOSH NGC Student - May 23rd 2013

As MD of Oracle, Phil has developed a highly effective method of teaching the NEBOSH General Certificate course which enabled me to achieve a pass with distinction. NEBOSH is not easy but Phil makes it as accessible as possible and works closely with his students to get the best results.

Tom Spencer: Director On Show Ltd - NEBOSH Student - May 15th 2013

As a Director of Concept Mouldings at the time I approached Phil to help enhance our company's understanding and qualifications with regards to Health and Safety management. We ended up doing both the NGC 1 NGC 2 and Fire Safety courses with Oracle Safety and both were a complete success.

Phil's in depth knowledge and experience are second to none and his training methods are probably the best I have come across. I would not hesitate at all in using Oracle Safety again in the future or recommending them for the services they provide.

Lyndon Rakowski: Technical Development Manager at Rotational Mouldings Ltd - NEBOSH Student - April 5th 2013

For any person who has the opportunity of reading this endorsement and recommendation. I joined Phil Douglas in June 2008 to receive tuition for the NEBOSH General Certificate. Prior to making the decision to re train and re educate myself into the health and safety sector I was a fire fighter in the London Fire Service and quite institutionalised and apprehensive about putting myself through the brain pain of studying again. I spoke with Phil on several occasions prior to making that commitment. He made me feel comfortable and confident about returning to the class room. Phil's style of tuition was relaxed though direct, it was fun and pleasant to be back in the class room. Everyone was treated as an equal regardless of their ability or back ground. I do know that all 12 students on that course passed the exam. So what I will say is that if you are nervous or unsure, speak with Phil who will give you that confidence for you to make that commitment. It is a very good course and a great place to learn it. 4 years on I have continued with my studies and achieved many high grade academic studies, now in my last year of achieving my MSc degree in OHSM & Risk management. 

Good luck to you all.

Tim Reader: HSE Advisor/Coordinator at Eni (Saipem) - NEBOSH Student - January 30 2013

I have seen a lot of benefit since the training, it has helped me to better understand why I want to do things and also to explain more clearly what we need to do. It has had a very positive effect on me.

Andrew Taylor: QA Director EU Horticulture - NEBOSH Student - October 23rd 2012

I would recommend Oracle wholeheartedly if you want to achieve a NEBOSH qualification. The courses are enjoyable and focussed. The surroundings lend themselves perfectly to achieving all the learning outcomes.

Phil Douglas’ teaching style is perfectly matched to the (necessary) intense timeframe of each course. The provision of ‘Phil’s Tip’ and your own input are the key to not just passing, but passing in style.

Robert Ironmonger: Safety Consultant and Trainer - Rite Solution - Sept 20th 2012

Thank you for forwarding the certificates. I would like to take this opportunity to get in touch with you regarding the IOSH Managing Safely Course you organised for us this February and give you some feedback. It was very convenient to have you on our premises to train the staff. Macro were extremely pleased that all the staff attending the course were successful in completing with high marks. You made the course enjoyable and interesting over the four days, and the staff since have said how they have enjoyed it and how much knowledge they have taken from the course that they can now use in their workplace environment. 
We look forward to working with you on our next IOSH course on the 8th May 2012.

Debra Stock: Real Estate Facilities Management - Ernst & Young LLP - May 5th 2012

"This is the second course I have attended with Phil through Oracle Safety Associates, after attending the first 'NEBOSH Gen Cert' I knew that I would walk away at the end of the course with a new skill set and a qualification to match.  Phil was all about getting the right knowledge passed over so you would pass the exam and have the tools to carry this knowledge back into the workplace.  All this and Oracle Safety were the best value trainer I could find!   A win, win for me.

Paul Lee: Safety Manager at Middle Level Commissioners - NEBOSH Student - April 5th 2012
“Phil tutored and prepared a group of us for the NEBOSH NGC qualifications and the results were excellent with quite a number of distinctions. Phil was able to introduce a range of concepts in his tutoring style which ensured the group remained focussed and grasped a firm understanding of the course contents. 
Phil has a firm understanding and expert knowledge of his subject area and an expertise in delivering this knowledge.
NKEM EZE: Facilities Manager at Transport for London - NEBOSH Student - March 22nd March 2012

"Great course - managed to make what could be a dull course very interesting and easy to learn. Phil is a really great guy that makes things easy to understand and apply" I would definitely recommend.

Chris Dale: Performance Improvement Manager, Germains - NEBOSH Student - March 16th 2012

"Excellent course - good mix of media to keep interest and improve learning. Hard work but very rewarding"

Huillam D'Averc: H&S Coordinator, Germains - NEBOSH Student - March 16th 2012

"Phil was very good at guiding and influencing the students in a very positive manner. Contents of the course were well explained and the contents clarified". Everything was carried out to a high standard. Everyone was kept well positively motivated".

Antonio Lopes: H&S Training Coordinator, KCA Deutag - NEBOSH Student - March 16th 2012
“I consider the NEBOSH training carried out by Oracle Safety Associates has helped us deliver a beneficial change in leadership and behaviour across our factories. This has had a direct result in reducing lost time injuries.”
Dr Ashwin Solanki - Head of Safety at British Sugar plc.

Phil has been a very valued client of ours for several years now and I have finally attended one of his courses, to see the experience firsthand. Phil style of training is very intence (due to the subject matter) but he still makes it enjoyable and fun, whilst putting practical examples to assist in our comprehension. You learn much more than you realise. He also reasures his candidates and is there for any assistance that is needed, so that you go into exams with confidence. 

I have seen candidates from all industry and career backgrounds attend Phil’s courses and they always enjoy the experience and achieve a high level of learning. 
As a venue provider Phil is a joy to have as a customer, he is clear about his requirements and is flexible if required. We always enjoy having him here seems to be part of the family, as well as a leading authority on our Green Woodpeckers. 
We look forward to continuing our relationship with him for a long time to come
Karen Wagg: Conference Manager at Holmewood Hall - 10th January 2012

Phil is a very reliable and trustworthy in the field of health and Safety. I attended his lectures and found it second to none when it come to his approach to teaching the course. 

His human relation is also very good. 
Phil always listen to every individual and tries to understanding their sitiuation in order to provide the needed guidance. He made the course looks very easy to people who have no experience in the field and ensures difficult areas are tackled with ease. 
I will recommend him to anyone who is interested in health and safety as a student or professional. He is truly second to none in the field. 
Henry Egya Bonuah, NEBOSH NGC Student - December 21st 2011

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation of Philip Douglas. Whilst attending Phil’s courses he has been nothing less than stellar, Phil has also become a friend and a support to many of us. Phil always is a pleasure to work with, and I would have no hesitation in recommending his services, as he operates to a very high degree of integrity.

Steven C J Hall: H&S & Environment Manager, Browns Chilled Distribution Ltd - January 8th 2012

Phil is a true professional when it comes to teaching Health and Safety. He is able to keep the subject matter flowing and makes a hard subject easy to learn. I have recommended him to others looking to take their NGC1 and 2 and have sent employees myself to go on his course. Which is a true reflection of what I believe he has to offer as a trainer. All round excellent course and materials.

John Creek: Security, Fire, H&S Manager, Godolphin - January 13th 2012


Phil organised and presented the NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management course that I attended himself. Every element of the course was run professionally with the course material being relevant and a vital resource to pass the exam, since the course the supplied text book and lecture notes have been a great reference tool when conducting Fire Safety related Risk Assessments. 
Without a moments hesitation I endorse Phil and his company as a brilliant training provider that operate in a fantastic venue at a very competitive price, all the time succeeding in delivering first class training utilising an obvious wealth of knowledge and experience. 
Since I passed the course I have moved companies and the industry that I work in, when we were searching for some additional fire safety training for the team I immediately referred my new employer to use Phil’s company.


Andrew Flisher: H&S Officer, National Express - January 16th 2012

Phil is a credit to his business and a valuable assett to any company requiring an expert in the field of Health Safety and Environmental Management. He is one of the very few I have witnessed as being able to captivate his audience. Don't hire a cheaper option it's not cost effective when the results are poor.

Simon Knowles: HSE Co-ordinator, CTC Marine Deep Ocean Group - January 18th 2012

Phil is a detailed person, an expert in his field and a very good trainer. My experience with him during the two weeks course for the National General Certificate Course in Occupational Health and Safety was empowering. 

From the first day the course began till the last day of the taining i knew i was in good hands and had learnt alot during this period. 
Phil took his time to explian every little detail with example of clips/video's to simplify it further. 
I will highly recommend phil to anybody willing to take the NEBOSH course. 
Toyin Adekunle: Facilties Manager, KPMG Professional Services Nigeria - January 19th 2012

I have used Phil at Oracle Safety Associates to deliver Managing Safely as well as short courses manual handling, electrical safety, DSE as well as recommending him to colleagues wishing to attend the NEBOSH - all with excellent results regardless of prior knowledge. He is flexible and has amazing in depth experience which is put to good use on training. He also keeps himself up to date with current trends and changes in H&S and always updates his presentations accordingly. I cannot recommend him highly enough. 

Hilary Philpot: Head of H&S, AEG Europe - January 25th 2012.

"When it comes to NEBOSH, IOSH or in-house training subjects such as Permits, Phil Douglas is exceptionally good and always strives to add value, and the work he has done has contributed to changing safety culture at British Sugar."


Dr Ash Solanki: Director of Risk, Health, Safety & Environment - ABF Ingredients - January 10, 2009

"Phil Douglas and Oracle safety were the chose providers for the NEBOSH national general certificate run on behalf of British Sugar. I attended the two week course with a number of ex colleagues and found that the style of delivery and practical knowledge ensured that we all had the best chance of achieving the desired outcome. I subsequently attended the NEBOSH certificate in fire safety and risk management also run by Phil. I achieved a Distinction in both these certificates. I would not hesitate to use Oracle Safety in the future."

Dr Kenneth Chung: Process Modelling Engineer - British Sugar plc - January 15, 2009

"Phil Douglas and i first met on a train returning from the Tengiz Oil and Gas fields to Atyrau in Kazakhstan. I think at the time we were the only two expats on the train and naturally got talking to each other. We found out that we had two things in common; the first was a coal mining background in the early days and a big interest in Safety. Phil then told me about his company and then invited me to sit a NEBOSH course with him. My background now is Electrical Engineering Oil and Gas so i thought this would be a very good qualification to hold. I attended Phil's NEBOSH 2 week intensive course in 2005 and found his coursework to be extremely easy to understand and remember for the written examinations which had to be taken after the coursework. Phil has a great teaching skill and methodology which makes it easy to interact with him and other students on the course making learning so much easier. Another attribute is that you can contact Phil around the clock to seek his advice in Safety matters. I have had no hesitation in recommending Phil's NEBOSH course to others. At this moment in time I work in Far East Russia on the Sakhalin Phase 2 project with Shell I have passed Phil's recommendations and details to the projects assets safety personnel with regard to sending Russian students to the UK to participate on his NEBOSH International course. At the time of writing, this is in progress. With any regard to the subject of Safety then Phil and Oracle Safety Associates are National and International leaders in their field. John Law"

John Law: Electrical Engineer T.A. at Shell - January 18, 2009

"I undertook my NEBOSH General Certificate with Phil Douglas in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia and was very impressed with the quality of the training delivered. In addition to his excellent knowledge of health and safety Phil showed he has the skills to work with a multinational class of students. I would have no hesitation in undergoing further training with Phil and would recommend him to any organisation or individual looking for an experienced and capable health & safety trainer."

January 18, 2009

"Having worked with Phil Douglas for a number of years throughout my career, I have attended numerous training courses run by Phil which I found extremely professional, knowledgeable and interesting. Now that I am an FM, Phil has run a number of courses for me. Phil has been a great support to me over the years offering advice and expertise in H&S. I am also sure it is down to Phil's wide knowledge and expertise in Health & Safety that got me through my NEBOSH certificate!"

January 23, 2009

"Phil Douglas tutored me and hosted my training for the NEBOSH National General Certificate. His training methods and delivery were first rate and an inspiration. The course was thorough, well planned and expertly executed. I have since called on Phil for advice on a few occasions and found him extremely helpful. I look forward to using his services again in the future."

April 27, 2009

"I was fortunate enough to successfully complete my NGC (NEBOSH) with Phil Douglas, his teaching methods are concise and highly effective, in combination with his extensive knowledge of the legislation and the NEBOSH examination system it was time and money exceptionally well spent. I have and will continue to recommend Phil as my first choice for off the shelf or bespoke occupational health and safety management training. Excellent from start to finish."

July 13, 2009

"Phil Douglas is certainly without any doubt the best Tutor I had. Not only did he present the NEBOSH General Certificate course in a very knowledgeable way, but also became a close friend and source of valuable information afterwards which helps me tremendously doing my work more efficiently. He's always been so helpful and his advice is just a call or e-mail away. I would strongly recommend Phil's services!"

July 21, 2009
I want to say thank you for the way you have made the course simple and build our confidence for success. more than grateful. I can not thank you enough for the support and encouragement you gave me. If there are things I could do for your company while still looking for job, it would be my pleasure.
May 2009: National General Certificate Student
"I have attended a number of training course delivered by Phil Douglas and recently underwent training with him to attain my NEBOSH General Certificate. All of his courses have been excellent but the NEBOSH was outstanding. It's quite intense but Phil manages to keep you engaged even when the going gets tough with his injection of humour and visible passion for the subject. His results are outstanding and it is easy to see why, he has given me a sound understanding in the subject and I am very grateful. I cannot recommend Oracle highly enough and can assure anyone looking for this type of service that you will struggle to get anyone better." July 21, 2009
July 2009: National General Certificate Student
Thank you very much for all of the help and guidance throughout the course it was a great experience, and you certainly have a gift for making such a complex subject understandable. Since I have been back I have spoken to a few people who have previously been on the course with other people, and they have asked me about the areas they found difficult, when I have explained the way you have taught us they immediately understood what it was all about.
July 2009: National General Certificate Student
Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf over the last couple of weeks. It wasn't easy, but then nothing worth having is. You made it considerably less painful than otherwise it might have been and for your grown-up approach and flexibility I am grateful. I think I did OK, but you never know until the marking is done, but if I have to go again, then it will be down to me and not you for sure.
July 2009: National General Certificate Student
"After surfing the net for NEBOSH courses and with follow up telephone interviews, I had the distinct impression that there were a lot of companies out there trying to make easy money on people genuinely seeking a Health & Safety qualification. Their prices were high and with no mention of "pass percentages". Luckily I came upon Phil's website, where the prices were reasonable, and the phone conversation was very informative and encouraging with regard to "pass rates". For a two week course the curriculum is very extensive and overwhelming, but Phil brought across the essential aspects that are required to pass the exam in a very skilled and motivational way, a true teacher in every sense of the word. There were people on my course that had failed the course taken at a different company that passed this time round, which speaks volumes for Phil's teaching and people skills. After all, that is what everyone is looking for, to achieve the qualification." July 22, 2009
July 2009: National General Certificate Student
"Phil Douglas kept our attention at all times with excellent training materials and interactions throughout the two week block release course. I am now really confident that I know enough from subjects learnt to be able to apply my knowledge back in my workplace. The course was excellent value for money! Well worth it!" July 22, 2009
July 2009: National General Certificate Student
"Phil Douglas" is an excellent instructor, as well as a person with a high moral and professional attitude. Sharp mind, easy to communicate with, always on point of the problems. I was very happy that I choose him as instructor for my Nebosh Training Course, and I strongly recommend him and his company, for any future businesses." Year first hired: 2008
July 2009: International General Certificate Student
Phil, Once again Thanks for an excellent course. The venue is amazing and makes for an added extra to the learning experience. The size of the group meant that nothing could be missed. The homework took some getting use to, hey it has been 28 years, but without it I think I would have really struggled. Mostly though I think it was the way you brought it across to us. Its certainly made it a lot easier to learn. I know how difficult it is to teach people so you have my full respect and gratitude.
August 2009: National General Certificate Student

Thank you very much. I've learned more deeper on H&S practices and legislations. It's good and better than our country's, will do my best to practice it on my work. Might also get you to conduct NEBOSH trainings for the Filipino safety engineers bound to Middle East.

August 2009: National General Certificate Student


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