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A message from Phil Douglas, Managing Director:

Hello, my name is Phil Douglas. During the past 12 years I have personally trained over 2500 people on NEBOSH courses alone. I have developed over 300 different training courses which are used by companies throughout the world. And I’m here to tell you about my company and why you should choose Oracle Safety Associates Limited.
I have been working in health and safety for over 25 years, and have been an IOSH accredited professional for over 20 years. I am committed to reducing workplace accidents and ill health across the world by helping organisations and individuals manage health and safety and build effective workplace safety cultures.
Health and safety is not just my job, it's my passion. Life is so precious, but can be taken away or devastated by workplace accidents and ill health. We should also never forget the huge impact these incidents have on family, friends and loved ones.
I enjoy working with the many people I meet. I also enjoy ensuring that the service we offer is always the best it possibly can be. I enjoy sharing my passion for safety with students who attend my training courses! I strongly believe that if you enjoy what you are doing, it makes you more creative and resourceful and that can only mean a better service for you, the customer!
Everything I do is carefully considered, and I won't offer any service, be it a training course or consultancy service, unless I am absolutely sure it is of the highest quality and I am competent to manage its delivery. I won't settle for second best!
My customer is the most important factor in my business, so rest assured you can trust in me and anyone else in my company - we are interested in what you want, your views and making you happy to have chosen us.
What can you be assured of when dealing with my company: Oracle Safety Associates Limited?
YOU CAN TALK TO THE BOSS: You can contact me, the Managing Director at any time! I will personally deal with your concerns about anything, you can get straight to the chief! that can't be said of many organisations. Your concerns are my concerns and they WILL be dealt with. 
YOU GET A PERSONAL SERVICE: You can be assured of a personal service, you are not just another customer, much of our work comes from "word of mouth". I have found during my years managing a business that if you really do something well, people will talk about you. I personally will not purchase anything without first getting some recommendation from someone I can trust, and I would advise that you do the same.
WE GO THAT EXTRA MILE FOR YOU: We will always go that extra mile to ensure everything we do exceeds your expectations. The little things are important, I ensure that as a company we give people more than they expect to get, which I truly believe is a key principle of a successful business.
YOU GET THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you work with us, you will get the best possible customer service. I personally hate poor service, and will always avoid a company who doesn't deliver on its promises. Be assured that we will deliver what we said we would! 
YOU GET THE BEST POSSIBLE PRICE: We will always offer the best possible price, we know what others charge, and we charge less. How can we do that? it's simple really, we are smaller and have less overheads, and also we manage our business well! also, and it may seem a cliché, but making money is secondary! we love what we do first..! For example, we charge several hundred pounds less for our NEBOSH courses than other providers. I am often asked how is it possible to offer a NEBOSH General Certificate course for £1090.00 There must be a catch? It may seem too good to be true, but seriously, there is no catch and that is the real price. I know, everyone always says, "you get what you pay for", etc. Well, in this case, you'll get considerably more than what you pay for! and the quality is amazing, so you can relax and be sure you are in safe hands.
YOU ARE DEALING WITH EXPERTS: We are all Chartered health and safety professionals at the top of our professions. I have been a Chartered Safety Professional since 1993 and will only employ Chartered Health and Safety Professionals who are on the UK government register of consultants. This register monitored by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) was a result of the Lord Young's review of Health and Safety legislation which concluded that that a register of degree level competent persons should be formed for Clients to access for health and safety services. I do hear of people attending safety training courses who are being taught by a tutor with no higher qualifications that they have!
WE ARE EXPERIENCED: All of our trainers are currently engaged in consultancy projects worldwide, so they have "real time" experience of delivering health and safety at the "sharp end". If you really want to learn about something, it's best to learn from someone who currently does it and understands it! Its fine having done something years ago, but current and recent experience is best, and that's what you get from us!
A BESPOKE SERVICE: The service we deliver is never "off the shelf" we will work with you and make sure that what we do for you is the right approach, every person and organisation is different. As regards training courses, such as NEBOSH, our training material is updated and changed for every course! laws change, best practice changes and that needs to be reflected in our course delivery.
YOU WILL NOT LOSE YOUR COURSE DEPOSIT: If you book a NEBOSH course with us and can't attend, we will ensure you get a place on the next available course and you will not lose any deposit that you have paid. Once some companies take your money, that's it! you can't attend and you lose your money!
WILL WILL GET YOU THROUGH THE COURSE: If you book a NEBOSH course with us, you can be confident that you will have the best possible chance of passing and that you are with people that can get you successfully through the course. Our track record speaks for itself. Many companies have used us for years, because their people pass, and often do it in style with distinctions and credits!
Trust in us to deliver. We are dedicated, devoted to what we do and loyal to our customers,  you will not be disappointed if you choose Oracle Safety Associates Limited.


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